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We provide turning services in 2D and 3D (turning with round surface for additional machining - milling, engraving).

We provide 3D and 4D milling services.

When it comes to woodworking we can offer a variety of services. We are a team of woodworking professionals with over 20 years of experience in the production of making wooden pens, building and designing log houses. With our CNC, turning and milling machines, we can produce exceptionally detailed details for large-scale production and disposable products. We pride ourselves on our excellence and use the best materials to give you the best products. We can help you create beautiful items to improve your home or business.

We process wood, plastic, PVC, polycarbonate, plywood, MDF, and other soft materials. Light metals, where exact precision is not required (most often finishing elements for furniture, interior). Modern technology allows you to maintain high accuracy in both single and serial parts production. Precise, up to + -0.05mm, material processing allows you to create bulky items from individually milled product fragments.

Execution of orders:
1. Customer provides drawings or sketches of what he wants to produce, what he wants to produce, how much and through what terms.
2. After evaluating the scope of the works, we provide a time and price proposal.
3. You should provide the drawings in vector-type format (.dwg, .dxf, etc.).
4. We can draw the necessary vector type drawings.
5. We make unit copies or batches of test units, but may be accompanied by a one-time fee for additional production, design or other. costs.
6. With large order volumes, we sometimes co-operate with other manufacturers to meet Customer’s expectations at the right time.
7. All products are delivered to the specified address.


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